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Train professional. Train with professionals.
Go to the next level.
Our hockey camp lasts 5 days. Included are the overnight stay as well as all meals and activities. The focus lays clearly on hockey, but also athletics, coordination and mental training are part of the daily program. In order to progress the best way and have the best possible individual support, the kids will train in small groups.
Train with kids from different clubs, countries and cultures.
With varied, intense hockey clinics of 1-3 days, we train 2-4 hockey topics. The focus lays on the individual development and quality of each participant. Repeat Basics is the Basis. We train in small groups, in order that each participant receives a personal input and feedback.
Train with your friends and kids from other clubs.

With "Girls Only" we reach out to girls and would give them the opportunity to measure their skills among themselves. A Girls-Only clinic lasts 1-3 days. During these clinics, we specifically want to promote women and girls' hockey and give girls the opportunity to train just among girls.
Train with your friends and girls from other clubs.


Yesterday's dreams are today's hopes and can become the reality of tomorrow.
In our Camps, Clinics and Trainings, you improve your basics.

In our Camps, Clinics and Trainings, you will learn the newest hockey trends and techniques.

In our Camps, Clinics and Trainings, you will learn from the best.

Rot-Weiss Köln
Royal Racing Club Brüssel
Almerse HC
Do you have questions regarding the execution of our Camps, Clinics and Trainings? Please do not hesitate to contact us.
Do you want to organize a Camp, a Clinic or a Training  for your club? We would be delighted to help you. We are looking forward to it.
Do you have ideas or special wishes? Do you need any advice or support? Please do not hesitate to contact us we are here for you.

Andrin Rickli
Andrin Rickli is a 28 years old Swiss hockey player. He started his hockey career as a five years old boy in the Piranhas HC Erlach. Since then he expanded his skills and his experience in various top leagues of this world, as for example in Germany, Belgium, Australia, Spain and The Netherland.

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