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About us
The longtime experiences as well as the international Know-How, which Andrin Rickliwas able to gather in various countries, are what he would like to share now with the Swiss juniors and future stars.
Andrin Rickli wants to share his experiences and his knowledge with the young hockey players.
Andrin Rickli wants to teach the juniors the values, which are important to become a top player. He wants to teach them what it means to be in a team and to fight for his/her place.
The young hockey players should be able to learn directly from a Swiss top player and benefit from this opportunity.
With high-quality hockey Clinics and Camps, the juniors should receive the optimal supported during their development process.
In the medium term, hockey in Switzerland should grow and become better known and gain a higher status.

  • Comply with rules and agreements
  • Win and lose fair
  • Consideration
  • Respect opponents, referees, teammates and spectators
  • Avoid fouls
  • Avoid aggression
  • Not get cowardly benefits
Respect for each other:

  • Appreciate the efforts and achievements of others
  • Appreciate the opponent
  • Recognize and accept differences
  • Communicate and strengthen community
  • Enjoy being together with others


  • Like to learn new things
  • Make an enduring effort
  • Do and give your best
  • Work together on something
  • Do not give up easily
  • Show what you can

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